Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Greeting Farm TIP ME TUESDAY-Rocker Pink Hair

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today, I'm sharing my newest hair color combo for TGF's Tip Me Tuesday that I call ROCKER PINK! Sometimes, you gotta have a funky hair color and I'm in love with this combo! For the entire month of April we will share one of our favorite color combos on Tuesdays, so be sure to check back here again next week for another one you can add to your collection. :)

2015-04-14 Tip Me Tuesday-Rocker Pink Hair

If I was more daring and younger, I would definitely want to give this hair color a go in real life, haha! If you are new to Tip Me Tuesday be sure to download your own color card, courtesy of the Head Farmer Marie herself.

As well as a blank one to add your favorite TGF image to:

Have a great day everyone! Be sure to stop back by the TGF BLOG tomorrow for an edition of Wow'd Me Wednesday!

Rosie :)

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