Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Plaid Coloring Tutorial using The Greeting Farm BABY ONESIE!!

Hi everyone! It was my turn to do a special post over at The Greeting Farm Blog so I decided to share a FUN and EASY tutorial with you!! I get asked all the time how I color plaid on my images. So today I figured I would do a step-by-step photo tutorial. You're probably going to laugh at how easy it is! But I tell ya, when people see it they think it's it must be working, right?!

I am using the new BABY ONESIE DIE from The Greeting Farm for my example below. It just happens to be the perfect size to use that chisel tip on the end of your Copic know that other end of the marker that never sees daylight!!! LOL!

Alright, here we go! The first step is to cut out the die! I know, I know I'm breaking it all down really simple here. :) Then cut out the little trim piece that goes across the belly and lightly trace it onto the die-cut so you know where to end your lines.

Whenever I do plaid I always pick a light color and a dark color in the same family. So for my "Boy Onesie" I picked these colors: B01, B05, G12, and G24.

I start off with the lightest colors first to make my initial lines. In this case, B01.

Sometimes I make my lines vertical, but for this example I decided to go diagonal. Do you see that I'm using that infamous CHISEL tip, WOOT, WOOT (finally getting some used out of that bugger)!

Make sure you leave enough space between the lines to add in the next color.

Then using the same B01, draw your diagonal lines the other way.

My next light color is G12.

Draw your green lines in-between the blue ones.

Here's the onesie with both the light blue and light green lines. 
But wait....we're not done yet!!

Next we want to outline the diagonal stripes with our darker colors. First up is B05.

Here's where you want to switch back to your brush tip. With light strokes you now outline each light blue line with the darker B05.

Be sure to turn your die-cut and do the lines going the other way too.

Here you can see the B05 outline completed.

Next, grab G24 and do the same thing on the light green lines.

The PLAID is now finished!

I also colored the top of the onesie using B00, B01, B02, B04, and B05.

And for your viewing pleasure, I made a girl one to match. On the plaid lines for this one, I used R81, R85, G12, and G24. The top was colored with R81, R83, and R85.

Here are the two Onesies completed with their trim and collars! Pretty simple technique right?! You can add in additional colors too....just be sure to leave extra space between your first set of lines. :)
Well, that's it folks! I hope you enjoyed my PLAID Coloring Tutorial! If you did, please leave a comment here and over at The Greeting Farm Blog! :) 
Also, if you haven't heard the news, there is a FACEBOOK CONTEST going on right now using this AMAZING Die! Head over to The Greeting Farm Group HERE to see how to enter!! You only have until June hurry!!

Have a great week!
Rosie :)

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Waaaaaw what a great tutorial! Thank you for sharing. hugs! MOjca