Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Glitter, Glitter, I LOVE Glitter!

Yes, it's true, I love glitter! I used to think, "I'll never use glitter! It's just too messy!" Well, I guess I have to eat my words because lately I've been using it on everything! Sure, it gets a little messy and many times it ends up all over the place. But you just can't get that sparkle and shimmer without it. I did ease into the use of glitter by starting off with glitter glue (it's a lot less messier). However, once I saw the Martha Stewart glitter set with all the different colors, I had to confront my glitter fear and just dive in! Here's a card I made for a glitter challenge. It's definitely got a lot of sparkle!

The paper is from My Mind's Eye and already had glitter on it (love glitter paper!). I made the paper flower by layering several scalloped circles on top of each other and crumpling the edges up. You can find the tutorial here. Then I used gold, glitter glue around the flower edges. The digital image, Joyce, is from The Greeting Farm.

I found a youtube video called "Glitter 'n Tape Technique" from a fellow CTMH Consultant, Tresa Black, showing how you can add packing tape to the back of a punched-out image and then pour your glitter on top. I thought it would be a perfect way to add glitter to my Digital Joyce image.

After I printed the image, I used a craft knife to cut away parts of her hair, her clothes, and her shoes. Yes, it was very time consuming and you have to have a very sharp craft knife!! Next, I placed packing tape on the back side of the image with the sticky part showing through my cut-out area, and poured the glitter on top. The glitter sticks to the tape and you don't have to worry about using glue! It also helps to do each color section separately. Here's a close up of Joyce:

On my next glitter card, I used Princess Anya from The Greeting Farm. Again, I cut out parts of her dress and this time used Martha Stewart tinsel glitter. I used glitter glue on the crown and star. To get the glitter glue in the right areas, I actually put the glitter glue on the end of a wooden bamboo skewer and then spread it around. It just helps to ensure the glitter glue stays within the lines and doesn't go everywhere (yes, I've been told many times I'm a perfectionist, haha!)

I hope these cards will inspire you to pull out your glitter and finally use it! I can't tell you how long my glitter was just sitting on the shelf because I didn't want a glitter-mess everywhere. Once I got it out and started using it....well, you know, the rest is history!

Happy Scrapping (and glittering),

Rosemary :)

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