Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Jaded Blossom March 2024 Release: SNEAK PEEK DAY 2

Happy Tuesday friends! Today, we are on Day 2 of Sneak Peeks for the Jaded Blossom March 2024 Release. You can grab the "Gotta Have It Now Package" for a discounted amount. If you wait until the release goes live, the bundle price will go up.

There have been a lot of requests for Sport Add Ons to the gnomes, and Jaded Blossom really delivered this month! For Day 2, we are showcasing the new Gnome Dies: Sport Add Ons 2 along with the Have A Ball Gnomie Stamp Set + Outline Dies. My niece and her fiance are very much into golf so I went with a golf theme today. I did some creative coloring to give my gnome a face and neck, and turn him into a young man. 

I used the body shape from Gnome Dies, and colored in the face and neck as show in the below photo.

I cut around the bottom of the face and neck before gluing the body die on top of the beard area. I used hair from Girl Gnome Dies and part of the mustache die from Gnome Dies to create his hair. His little nose is part of the binocular die in the Gnome Dies: Outdoor Add Ons. His arms were created using the leg die in the new set Gnome Dies: Sport Add Ons 2. To create his shorts, I cut two shorts and layered them on top of each other so I could create a top portion with a belt. The belt strap was created using the lacross stick handle from Gnome Dies: Sport Add Ons 1. The buckle is a piece from the trophy die. The belt loops are the little stripes for the bowling pin. The grassy areas were created using Border Dies 2.


We have our Gotta Have it Now Package for $139.99

March 2024 Release will include:

2 - 4 x 6 Stamp Sets
2 - New Dies
2 - New Outline Dies
1- Stencil
1- Stencil Freebie
Ala Carte Items available on Thursday 12am EST 

No waiting WEEKS for your stamps. 
*Freebie Stamp- Free While Supplies Last.*

Regular price for the release package is $155.99

Today we are revealing 1 New Die, 1 New Stamp, 1 Outline Die,
and our FREEBIE offer! 

Gnome Dies: Sport Add Ons 2 $39.99

Have a Ball Gnomie Stamp Set $15.99

Have a Ball Gnomie Outline Dies $16.99

Freebie Stencil Offer - Go Team Stencil
(please see photo for details on how to get the freebie)

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SunEsde said...

I just love the faces on your gnomes, they give them life! Do you happen to have a video on how you color in the face of the gnome? The photo is great, it would be fun to see how you put it all together. You are very creative!