Thursday, February 7, 2013

La-La Land Crafts Tutorial Thursday~~PLAID

Hi everyone! It's Rosie here with an easy-peasy plaid tutorial. This tutorial is being featured on the La-La Land Crafts Blog. I've received a lot of questions on how I make the plaid on my La-La Land Crafts images so here it is. Now, this is only my 2nd tutorial ever, so hopefully it's okay (I tend to over-think things!). My plaid technique is really not difficult, and I probably over-explained it here. However, I know for me personally, the more pictures...the better! :)
First, I pick 2 color families I want to use. Then, I pick a light color and a dark color from each 4 markers total. You could add more colors, but when you are working in smaller spaces 2 colors seem to work best.. For this tutorial, I used these colors: R81, R85, G24, and G28.
For my image, I used Popsicle Marci. She can be purchased HERE.

I start with the lightest this case R81.

I make diagonal lines going one way leaving room between the lines. You want to make sure you don't put the lines too close because we'll be filling in the spaces with additional lines.

Next, I turn my image and make diagonal lines going the other way with the same color, R81.

Now, I pick the next lighter color in the 2nd color family, G24.

I add G24 in between my R81 lines.
I turn my image again and add G24 going the other way.

Now, we are going to start adding our darker lines. I started with R85.

This requires a steady and light hand. If you press your marker too hard then you won't get the thin outer line. I generally use several short strokes with the marker to make the complete line. I outline each side of R81 with R85.

Here you can see both sides of the lighter pink (R81) outlined with the darker pink (R85).

Then, I grab the darker green, G28.

Again, with a steady and light hand, I outline the light green lines on both sides.

That's it....easy peasy, right?!! Here's my image all colored up! People always think I've paper-pieced it, but now you know the secret. :)

Here's a couple of pictures using Back to School Luka with the same technique.
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and I can't wait to see all of you trying this technique on your La-La Land Crafts projects!!

Have a great week and don't forget to check back at the LLLC Blog tomorrow for more "Sweet Treats" Inspiration from Team Friday!!

Rosie :)


cebelica said...

I've actually been wondering about this too. You make it look very easy. Thank you for this tutorial! Hugs! xx

Faye said...

I'm defo gonna try this and now I can. And I spy some hand drawn chevrons too. Go girl. X

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

amazing work rosie!!! this looks so fantastic and i cant wait to try it out :D

Grenouille Greetings said...

These are fabulous! Wonderful colouring throughout but I'm amazed at how you did your fancy pattern. Looks way out of my league!!!Hugs, Lesley

Shannon White said...

Wowiee!! These are Soo AWESOME Rosie!! Love your gorgeous coloring and what a SUPER tutorial!! Love it! 8-)