Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Yumi & Fumi Handmade BACK TO SCHOOL New Release!

Hello everyone!! Are you ready for the second release from Yumi & Fumi Handmade?!
Sweet....because we're excited to head Back 2 School with Yumi & Fumi and we’ve got a couple of new friends to introduce. :) We're also happy to announce that Yumi & Fumi are now single images and can be purchased along with their new friends!

Yumi Single

Fumi Single

Let’s meet the 4 new Yumi & Fumi characters & 2 new boy characters from the Back 2 School release...

Fumi with Bear Backpack
A side profile of Fumi and she’s got the cutest bear backpack on

Yumi with Book Bag is ready to start a trend

Fumi with Messenger Bag looks ready to start the new school year

Yumi with Book
is so super excited to start school!

Chase is one of our newest friends to join the Yumi & Fumi Handmade Ohana.
He’s considered one of the cool boys in school.

AJ is our second new friend to join the Yumi & Fumi Handmade Ohana.
He’s that kid you want to be friends with. His mom makes the best lunches and if you play your cards right you just might be able to swap your school lunch for his homemade one.
All stamps are made of deeply etched red rubber on cling mount. They are scroll cut so you don't need to trim the rubber, indexed so you know where you are stamping, and they are packaged with lots of Aloha. :)

My first project up is a frame featuring AJ. I think he's so adorable and cute!! He reminds me of my hubby when he had a full head of curly hair....that's been a good minute, LOL!


Skin: E000, E00, E01, E11, chalk
Hair: E49, E47, E44
Eyes: E44, E43
Undershirt: YR09, YR07, B99, B93
Shirt: B99, B95, B93, B91
Shorts: E87, E84, E81
Flip Flops: B95, N8
Lunchbox: N8, N6, N4, N2

I bought this cheap frame at Walmart on clearance. I took the plastic opening cover off and added origami paper inside. Then I used origami paper and made Origami Lucky Stars (you can google it for all sorts of step-by-step instructions). It took a little to get used to the folding, but once I figured it out the stars came together pretty quickly. I then used a white paint pen and wrote the title and drew a few stars in the corner. Pretty easy and simple!

My next project features Yumi with Bookbag....OH, I LOVE HER!! She's so versatile and gorgeous! She reminds me of my beautiful niece Malia, who's birthday just happened to be Sept. 2nd....Happy Birthday sweet girl!


Skin: E000, E00, E01, E11, chalk
Hair: E49, E47, E44
Eyes: E44, E43
Hairband/Socks/Tie: R81, R83, R85
Shirt: N2, N0, Colorless Blender
Sweater: R89, R81, R37, R27, G07
Skirt/Shoes: E84, E53, E51, E31
Backpack: R81, R27, G07, Stardust Stickles

I made a "Back to School" set for this next project. I was originally going to try and fit Yumi on the backpack (you can google paper backpack for a tutorial), but it came out a little too small once the flap was added so I decided to make a little matching card. I can fill the backpack with candy, crayons, and even cute erasers. I know several of Isaiah's "girl" friends who would love to get this! The delish papers are from Echo Park This & That....YUMMY!

Now where can you get all of these AH-MAZING and CUTE stamps?

Well we are excited to announce the Yumi & Fumi Handmade STORE is open for business!! Woo Hoo!! Our crew, Zach and Renate’, have worked really hard to get it ready for today and we are so excited to hear what you all think!!

So check out the site, look around, purchase some stamps, tell your friends, family members, FB friends, and blogging buddies. Yes we do have the first release of Yumi & Fumi Handmade & our newest Back 2 School available to ship. We also have ALL of the Sister Stamps including the new Release #9 (BFFs & Buddies) in stock.

Head on over and check it out!!
Love and hugs!
Rosie :)


eva said...

these are some awesome projects! i love the way you colored AJ's hair and his shirt!

Leanne said...

hehehe!! two fabulous creations Rosie!! i love the details on AJ and on Yumi! you did a wonderful job with these two projects girlfriend, you make it look so easy!! I want one too!!

Unknown said...

These are super fun cards/project! I love those backpacks too! I got four done and was going to give them to my kids' teachers. I didnt after all because I needed three more. There are seven teachers. Lol

Kwilt said...

COOL!!! I love them! Off to go check them out Ü