Monday, August 27, 2012

LLLC Inspiration Monday---Back to School!

Happy Monday y'all (said with a Texas accent)! Well, we are finally in Texas and still trying to dig our way out of the never-ending stacks of boxes! I realize I'm am a borderline hoarder!! Yes, folks....we are talking about 18 years of stuff....some of which I still haven't sorted through. Well no more I tell ya! It is my goal to get through every last box and do some major purging!!

On top of the big move, this past week we have been trying to get all the school paperwork filled out and the back-to-school shopping done. It's been busy to say the least so I have been a little MIA with my crafting. I think I have unpacked enough boxes to get me going. It's an unorganized, hot mess at the moment, which makes crafting a little frustrating. But, I did find an IKEA store about an hour from me, so all those PINTEREST ideas are piling up, LOL! Now I just need the moolah and the time to get it all organized! Wish me luck!!

Today's theme at La-La Land Crafts is:


And for us, it literally is back to school!! Bright and early this morning!! Come on....who's bright idea was it to start school at 7:45am for an elementary kid?! My child doesn't want to go to bed before midnight, even if we get him up at the crack of dawn! I'm pretty sure a nap is going to be in my future. :)

For my project, I used the super-adorable Back to School Luka. He so reminds me of Isaiah with his backpack and skateboard. Isaiah wants a skateboard so badly, but he's clumsy y'all! I mean it....he falls standing up, haha!

Skin: E000, E00, E01, E11, chalk
Hair: E49, E47, E44, E43
Shirt/Shorts: E84, E81
Sweater: B02, B05, YR07, YR09
Tie: YR07, YR09
Backpack: YR07 YR09, N8, N6, N4
Socks: B05, B02
Shoes: N8, N6, N4
Skateboard: R29, R27, R24, N8, N6, N4

I used a really easy template from RePlayGround to make this Pencil Case. I also used the Heart Fence Die at the bottom behind Luka. It's such a versatile die!! The paper came from my stash.
Here's the top opened so you can see the pencils inside. I'm sure my little boy is going to confiscate this when he sees it to add to his other pencil holder.

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Have a great week!
Love ya,
Rosie :)


Tracy Valure said...

Love it, Rosie! Your coloring is so beautiful, his shirt came out adorable too! Great idea for the pencil case....

Glad you're getting all settled in in texas!!

Tracy V

Anonymous said...

inspiring ... and love the pencil case!

Leanne said...

Cute!! i need to make one of these for my godson.
We are all hoarders and never figure it out until it's too late. hope you get through those boxes soon. hey you might have somethings to sale and then you can use that money to buy more things. lol!

Kelly said...

Rosie, I love the pencil holder, really cute and your coloring is perfect. I know if I move I would be unpacking all my crafts first then the kitchen! So much work for you, but look how organized you will be when you are finished. I homeschool my kids but when they attended school they had to be on the bus at 6:50 am and I never saw them until 4:00 PM, such long days for our little ones. He will be pooped out this week!
Enjoy your new place, Kelly

cebelica said...

Hi Rosie! Want to know a little "secret"? You're not the only one who is a hoarder. I am the same. *blush* I was moving around in the last couple of years and I always said that I would get rid of some stuff. Ummm ... Yeah, right, at the end I ended up with more stuff with every move. *sigh*
I'm glad that you are getting through with boxes. I know it's not an easy task, nor a very pleasant one, but you can do it! Go you! :))
Ooooh, Ikea. I love that store! <3 When my bf and I move on our own (which will *hopefully* be once next year) I want to decorate the place with all those awesome thingies you find in Ikea. The last time I was there I have already gotten some ideas - and ever since then the list is getting longer. lol Enjoy shopping there (no doubt you will, right? ;P)
Now on to your pencil case ... You know what I'm going to say, right? Of course you do, because you know how much I like your creations. :D This pencil case is awesome.

Have a great weekend! Hugs! xx