Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter DIORAMA for the Magnolia-licious Easter-Spring Extravaganza Contest

I am FINALLY finished with my Easter Diorama for the Magnolia-licious Easter-Spring Extravaganza Contest-Category 3 Anything but a Card (click on the link to see the different categories and rules). It's been in the making for several weeks now. I've actually had a DIORAMA idea in my head for a while (since Christmas) and have wanted to make one. Did you ever have to make one in elementary school?? Apparently, it's a popular project that teachers assign, and you can find some really awesome ideas on-line. They even have kits at various craft stores. I bought a Diorama kit, but ended up not using it. I was going to try to make some realistic-looking foliage, bushes, trees, etc., but the colors didn't really match. I'll save it for a future project. I'm sure I'll use it for something. :)

I started my Diorama project with a white Coach shoe box and painted the outside with FolkArt Fresh Foliage Acrylic Paint. Then I covered the outside with Easter Polka Dot dp from The Paper Studio. Let me tell save time, it's probably a better idea to start with a photo box/shoe box that is already nicely decorated on the outside. I don't know why I didn't think of that before I started my project, LOL! It took me forever to paint and cover the outside of that box!

On the inside of the shoe box, I painted the top half with FolkArt Deep Ocean Blue Acrylic Paint and the bottom half with FolkArt Fresh Foliage Acrylic Paint. I used the Sheep dp from American Traditional Designs Welcome Baby Boy paper pack and created the background scene. I cut the clouds out from a sheet of paper in the same pack. The grass dp is Creative Imaginations John Deere that I got from my local scrapbook store.

Creating the scene for the Diorama was pretty easy. The hard part was coloring all those Tilda and Edwin images.....22 TOTAL!! (pic only shows 20) It took me forever to color and embellish each one! Since I used stickles, flower soft, and glossy accents on pretty much everything, I also had to factor in drying time. You can purchase these cutie patootie images from Diana at Magnolia-licious.

To further complicate things, I decided to make some of my images into standing paper dolls. I cut thin aluminum siding into strips and glue them to the back of my images. Everything on the inside of the box is glued down. All the images on the top of the box and on the outside of the box are movable. There is a magnet sheet under the dp on the top of the box and under the grass dp on the box lid, and there are little magnets on the bottom of each movable image.

Here's a picture of the entire Easter Diorama put together:

I hope you enjoy viewing the tons of pictures that are about to follow....grab a cup of coffee/tea first because you may be here for a little while, LOL! When I finally finished it, my little boy said, "Oooooh Momma, it's booootiful! Can I have it?" Ummmmm........(thinking of good excuse)....well baby, this is for someone else, but I'll make you something to play with that has Batman and Robin....haha! (Now, I've got to get that Cricut cartridge!) It did make my heart feel good that he and the hubby loved it!

Here we go! You can click on the pictures for a larger view.
Inside of shoe box:

Close up of left inside:

I glued little mini eggs to the inside of the wooden wheelbarrow. All the wooden chairs/benches came from the miniature doll area of Hobby Lobby. The yellow fuzzy chicks came from the Easter craft section of Hobby Lobby. The little mini chick & green grass are Easter buttons. I clipped of the back of the button loop and glued the little mini chick to the grass. The tulips and watering can are also buttons.

Closeup of right inside:

There is a basket of larger, glittered eggs behind Dreamy Tilda. The bunnies also came from the miniature doll area of Hobby Lobby. The yellow butterfly on the basket handle is a button as well as the little purple flowers at Edwin's feet.

Scene on top of the shoe box:

The metal flower sign came from the Easter section of Hobby Lobby. I added a Happy Easter sticker to the sign and glued Tilda to the front. The bench on the left is made up of two smaller benches glued together. The bent aluminum siding strips behind the Tildas and Edwins allow them to stand up. The magnets underneath the siding strips just offer more stability.

Close-up of paper doll Tilda's on left side of shoe box:

Close-up of paper doll Tilda's on right side of shoe box:

Top angle view of Diorama:

Voting will start April 20th and go until April 27th. I've seen some of the projects already linked and man, oh man, are they fabulous!! I know this is going to be a really tough contest to vote on. I do pray though, that some of you will vote for me. :)

Sending big hugs your way and good luck to everyone! Thanks Diana for this awesome contest!

Rosie :)


JLJ Designs said...

Wow! This is amazing! Beautiful coloring and fun scene.


cathy said...

Great project, but must have taken you forever!

Sharon said...

Oh my GOSH Rosie... this is FANTASTIC... Words actually fail me right now, I am so in awe of your stunning Easter creation. Beautiful design and gorgeous colouring... WOW WOW WOW, I am absolutely blown away. Am going to call my colleagues to come have a peek!!! Well done honey. You can take a bow, this is beyond gorgeous... hugs Sharon x

Rosalee said...

Wow, wow, and Triple Wow! You did a fabulous job. It looks so realistic. Awesome creations
Hugs, Rosalee

cathylynn said...

What an incredible project!!! Wow I prit near speechless!! Soo much work and cleverly thought out. I really never heard of a Diorama before. Where I went to school no such project. Now I'm feeling like I might of missed out. Anyway you sure absorbed the knowledge and your teacher would surely be Proud of you today!!!! Great job!!
Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

Danielle Champagne said...

Hi Rosie, WOW, such adelighful project for Easter! Wonderful deco. I had never heard of a diorama either, but it certainly looks interesting. Love your project very much.
Hugs. D.

Anonymous said...

This is STUNNING!!! I absolutely ADORE it and COVET it! Haha! :)) you've got my vote!!!! Xoxo-Brooke

Anonymous said... are awesome! What a GREAT project!!! I was awe struck when I saw the first picture and ended up with my mouth hanging open as I went thru each of the other pictures. You did a FANTASTIC job !!!

Anne said...

WOW!!! This is truly amazing! Your coloring and design are wonderful. I know this is something you will enjoy and treasure for many years.

Cami said...

OMG Rosie, I'm left almost speechless! What a GORGEOUS creation! I am so amazed with your work! You need to keep it in a showcase so you can always see your wonderful creation! What a beautiful Easter Eggstravaganza project!

Card Crazy said...

Stunning, fantastic, amazing!! This is an absolutely gorgeous project and you should get a gold medal at least for all the time and effort you put into this. It's really wonderful.
Sue S.

Chris said...

There are absolutely NO words on the planet correct enough to give you regarding your project! It is just too wonderful to describe! It's like a little Magnolia Disneyland - I know - Rosieland! Tilda and friends go to Rosieland! Each little person is delightful and perfectly colored. your scenery is just right. The hours and days you spent on this are too many for me to even envision. I love this! You should be so proud of yourself! What a HUGE labor of love! Well done, Rosie. Well done!

Chris Christensen

Anonymous said...

So beautiful Rosie! Don't know where to start but it's a gorgeous 3D scene! WOW!

RenateKreativ said...

Wow! This is amazing! Beautiful coloring and fun scene.
Hugs Renate

Eulanda said...

WOW this is amazing! I can`t believe how many Maggiè`s you used!! Great job!

charlene said...

Wow you have done an amazing job on this project...Beautiful coloring and just the cutest little scene !

Myrna said...

I'm just speechless! WOW!!! Beautiful coloring on ALL your images!

Sandy said...

Oh Miss Rosemary - you have got to be kidding me - this is too wonderful for words. You certainly have outdone yourself now. I love this. I love pretend worlds and you have created one wonderful world my friend!!

Sharon Caudle said...

Holy gaucamole!! That's a LOT of coloring!!! Awesome job of coloring all the fabulous Tilda and Edwins! This is one amazing project!!!
hugs, Sharon

Suzi Mac said...

Wowzer!!! what can I say that hasn't been said already, this is one amazing project. love all the little details. Wonderful job.
Suzi x

cebelica said...

Oh my goodness, this is amazing. I love, love, loooooooooove everything about this project. Yu did an excellent job, your project absolutely stunning.


cabio's craft corner said...

Wowzer, what a cute and gorgeous creation Rosie!!!

Diane said...

This is just amazing! A wonderful project that must have taken so much planning - a real labour of love for Maggies!
Diane x

Anonymous said...

Wow Rosie, this is FABULOUS! You must have been coloring for hours - so many images. This is really creative and beautiful. So much to look at - I'm going back for another look! hugs, Angela

paola said...

PHENOMENAL!!!! Rosie i am totally gobsmacked, lost for words, what a lot of work, well worth it for such a mind blowing masterpiece, thanks so mcuh for joining the challenge and i wish you the best of luck with this absolutely BEAUTIFUL ensemble

Unknown said...

Wow and Wow this is a winner I absolutely love this!!!! Wow how beautiful and so many Tildas too!!!!!

Iulia said...

Oh my word, Rosemary, this is totally fabulous! What a great idea to make a diorama! So much work went into this, all I can say it's that I just love every inch of it and your coloring is absolutely awesome on every single Tilda and Edwin. You surely took your time but it really worth the effort. The result is outstanding. Good luck in the competition. You surely deserve to win something!
Have a great Sunday!
Hugs, Iulia

Only By His Grace said...

Can you tell I think it is gorgeous?
Hugs Maz

Anonymous said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! Rosemary! How over the top fabulous is this!!! So creative and a person could go on and on and on about it!
What fun and what a treasure! So adorably colored and designed! Good luck in the contest!
Pam Going Postal

Patricia Garcia said...

Wow Rosemary you have been busy, this is so much work and I love it, Good luck on the contest!!


Tracy Valure said...

Oh my!! That looks like it was ALOT of work and coloring!! Such a cute idea and they are all colored soooooo beautifully!! Good luck in the contest!
Tracy Valure

Pam said...

WOW...this is amazing!

XxJULESxX said...

oh! wow!!! this is amazing!!!!!i dont know what else to say speechless!!!!!!

Frances said...

Great project! Congratulations. hugs, Frances

Mascha Zimmerman said...

What a great project, so many tilda's, enjoy your price! Bye Mascha

Cor* said...

Congrats on the EXTREME WIN! You totally deserve it! Way to go! This is a spectacular display of Magnolia love!

XxJULESxX said...

WOW CONGRATS to you!!!!!!!!!!!! well deserved win! truly amazing work!

Panagiota said...

Congrats Rosie!Amazing work!!!!!